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Holistic Gua Sha Medi-Facial

Medical Esthetics by Katie is the first Clinic in New Westminster to offer Holistic Gua Sha Medi-Facials. “Gua” means to scrape or rub. “Sha” is the term for reddish raised skin rash that occurs as a result of the scraping.


Gua Sha (pronounced gwah-shah!) Facial is a traditional Chinese treatment that includes the use of a small jade board to gently "scrape" massage, manipulate and stimulate specific energy points along the face and neck in order to invigorate healthy circulation back into your skin and underlying tissue. Gua Sha will give you a more radiant complexionand more lifted, scuplted features. In Chinese beauty, beautiful skin is born of healthy skin.

Gua Sha is similar to massage and acupressure but it focuses directly on increasing blood flow beneath the surface of the skin. The facial benefits include non-invasive activation of facial fascia, facial muscle and different layers of the skin. Each treatment includes stimulation of myofascial connective tissue as strokes follow the meridian system activating acupuncture points without the use of needles. This heightened circulation can lead to a number of noticeable healing effects in the body.


MBK Holistic Gua-Sha Medi-Facial - $175

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles this rejuvenating facial works on multiple levels igniting the skins natural healing power by helping to remove blockages that cause aging. Gua Sha is touted for its incredible beauty and healing effects, leaving the complexion brighter, healthier, younger looking and radiant. A series of treatments will further soften wrinkles and fine lines and firm the skin.


Benefits of Gua Sha Rejuvenation:
  • Gua Sha Medi-Facial drains and flushes out toxins via the lymphatic system.
  • Gua Sha Medi-Facial naturally lifts and contours the muscles of the face.
  • Gua Sha Medi-Facial offers immediately noticeable results after one treatment. 
  • Gua Sha Medi- Facial engages your parasympathetic “rest and digest” nervous system for deep relaxation.


  • Made me feel very comfortable

    Monet D

    New West

  • Katies the best! My facial peel was great and smelled delicious. I can see the difference in my skin already. I highly recommend her :)

    Melissa N

    New West

  • Had a wonderful and relaxing facial . A fabulous environment , Katie is do knowledgable and has such a soft touch - thank you!!!!!!

    Victoria L

    New West

  • When I have an upcoming appointment with Katie, I look forward to it so much! I love what she does for me. She has made some great recommendations and, combined with the treatments, I see the benefits in my skin.

    Marianne J

    New West

  • Katie is very knowlegable, has a great personality and is very professional! Luv her new place. So calm and inviting!

    Sandra M

    Maple Ridge

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