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Advanced Skin Health Transformation Analysis with Observ

Why waste time and money on products and treatments that will not fix your skin?


Your skin health journey begins with an Advanced Skin Health Transformation Consultation as its an important step for healthy, radiant skin. Medical Esthetics by Katie offers a wide range of Skin Health Programs that are designed to realize your skin's optimal health, giving you the skin you deserve.


Many skin conditions originate from the deeper skin layers and are difficult to diagnose with the human eye. With the Observ 520 at Medical Esthetics by Katie, it has been a game-changer for my clients and my Skin Health Programs. With the advanced camera special light illuminating technology, I can view six different analysis modes to see deep into the layers of the skin, and current skin health while enabling greater understanding and evidence of underlying skin concerns.

Once I understand the cause(s) of your skin's condition, I can instantly reveal your skin conditions providing you with an accurate, clear and more detailed diagnosis and tailor the Skin Health Program that will solve most of the existing issues. The Observ can even visualize the skin concerns that are developing and propose preventive treatment options that will truly impact and benefit the health of your skin.

Regular observations will allow Medical Esthetics by Katie to track and visualize your improvement every 90 days. You will also be able to see and feel the difference and observe the improvement of your deep skin layers after each visit.


  • Daylight Mode: Illuminates the skin in even light providing a base image for further evaluation and comparison.
  • Cross Polarized Mode: Identifies redness and discolorations in the skin, such as rosacea, acne, vascular capillaries, sensitized areas, pigmentation.
  • Parallel Polarized Mode: Enhances the skin’s surface textures, highlighting pores and wrinkles, surface roughness and bumpiness, dehydration and hyperkeratosis (thickening of the skin).
  • True UV Mode: Identifies hidden skin conditions beneath the skin surface. Provides insight by showing your pores, sebum (oil & wax) and gland activity, thinning of the skin, scar tissue growth and hyperpigmentation
  • Wood’s mode: The blue light of this mode shows up skin lipids/oils and oil congestion in the skin.
  • Complexion mode: Using the ‘Cross polarised’ image and amplifying impurities – this mode models how the skin will look without intervention by forecasting the skin’s condition in 10 years’ time.


Medical Esthetics by Katie strongly believes that skin health is a representation of many internal and external factors from lifestyle, nutrition, and stress to allergies, hormones, and the environment. Katie’s skin health philosophy works in-depth with her clients treating causes instead of masking symptoms. Her method is to work on both the outside and inside and can involve working closely with naturopaths, nutritionists, and other holistic practitioners to assist clean eating and gut health, chemical elimination and harmony within the body in order to achieve ultimate skin health. There are no quick fixes here!


During your Observ/PDM Diagnostic Skin Analysis Appointment Overview:  
  • Wrinkle formations
  • Free oil flow
  • Plugged pores
  • Porphyrin in acne & comedones
  • Areas with diminished circulation
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Vascular conditions
  • Rosacea
  • Skin irritations
  • Areas with collagen loss
  • Microrelief
  • Sensitive and thinned skin areas
  • and more


Advanced Skin Health Transformation with Observ and PDM Skin Diagnostic Devices - $150 

By offering the newest technology in skin fluorescence and polarized light illumination for professional skin diagnosis and skin physiology measurements allows me to accurately diagnose skin types as well as skin problems residing at the surface or hiding in deeper layers. This allows for targeted customized treatment plans to your own personal skin care needs.

Before coming in for your Advanced Skin Health Transformation Consultation, you will need to fill out my comprehensive Skin Health Consultation Online Form.

  • Your skin history
  • Your medical history
  • Your home and work-life
  • Your work environment
  • Your diet
  • Your exercise regimen


Important instructions:
In order to receive maximum benefit from the Advanced Skin Analysis technology, you would be required to arrive for the appointment with your face unwashed, with no moisturizers, sunscreens or anything at all on the skin. NO EXCEPTIONS. Hair should be washed the night before, as the acid mantle of the skin may be disturbed by the pH of the shampoo. 


Observ Benefits:
  • Accurately diagnose your skin's condition.
  • Saves you time and money.
  • Receive a personalized skin analysis report.
  • Visualize your skins treatment progress.
  • Develop a high effective bespoke treatment plan.
  • 100% safe and harmless analysis method.
  • Prevents future imperfections with the right products and treatments.


Advanced Skin Health Transformation Analysis with Observ at Medical Esthetics by Katie

Why Choose Medical Esthetics by Katie?

  • Known for her many amazing award winning and results driven Medi-Facial treatments
  • Demonstrates the value of integrity, honesty, proactivity, responsiveness and kindness to all her clients
  • Offers the best value to clients - MBK Bespoke Skin Health Programs
  • Committed to ongoing professional development, research and technology, ensure you receive the best results
  • Create a Customized Treatment plan and home care regime that will help you achieve your skin care goals


  • Who is eligible for the Observe Analysis?

    Any men or women who wish to learn more about their skin and subsequently improve its condition are eligible for the Observe Analysis. My patients are a diverse group of individuals, and I have plenty of experience helping people from all walks of life fulfill their aesthetic goals.

  • What are the long-term benefits of the Observe?

    Observe lets us professionals deeply evaluate your skin to visualize potential concerns before they become visible on the skin's surface. In the long term, this means that you can choose to use products or undergo treatments that prevent these concerns from worsening, which will help you maintain and improve the condition of your skin for years.

  • Is the Observe camera painful?

    No. Observe uses a special camera to capture images of your skin from several angles. The procedure is not invasive or painful and is comparable to undergoing an X-ray at the dentist's office.

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  • Made me feel very comfortable

    Monet D

    New West

  • Katies the best! My facial peel was great and smelled delicious. I can see the difference in my skin already. I highly recommend her :)

    Melissa N

    New West

  • Had a wonderful and relaxing facial . A fabulous environment , Katie is do knowledgable and has such a soft touch - thank you!!!!!!

    Victoria L

    New West

  • When I have an upcoming appointment with Katie, I look forward to it so much! I love what she does for me. She has made some great recommendations and, combined with the treatments, I see the benefits in my skin.

    Marianne J

    New West

  • Katie is very knowlegable, has a great personality and is very professional! Luv her new place. So calm and inviting!

    Sandra M

    Maple Ridge

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