Henna Brows FAQs

  • Does Supercilium brow henna contain PPD?

    Yes. Almost all brow hennas contain a very small amount of PPD. Some people are sensitive to this ingredient and an allergic reaction could occur, that is another reason why performing a patch test is necessary. PPD is a colorant, without this substance the color remains red and is unable to stain. The ingredient is necessary for the creation of henna brows.

  • Is it permanent?

    No, it’s not. It is not a tattoo, it is not invasive, it does not hurt. It simply stains the skin and tints the hair.

  • Can Henna be used on the lashes as well?

    No, Henna is not safe or suitable for lashes. Don't worry, I have lash tint for that!

  • What is the difference between Henna Brow and Brow Tint?

    With the Tint, I am using a traditional dye and peroxide mixture and it is designed to only tint the hairs, not the skin. Henna will not only dye the hairs but will leave a stain (for approx up to 2 weeks) on the skin behind the brow, giving the brow a fuller and filled in look. In terms of longevity, Brow Tint lasts up to 4 weeks on the hair, Henna Brow can last 6-7 weeks on the hair.

  • Who should avoid henna?

    Oily skin types don’t get much benefit as the henna breaks down and lifts from the skin quite quickly. They can appear quite dark for a few days, so it's not recommended as a red carpet treatment.

  • How long does the service take?

    The appointment will take approximately 45 minutes. First, the brows are measured and sketched to reach as much symmetry as possible. Followed by the application of the Henna which sits on the skin for 5-20 mins.

  • Is henna brows for me?

    Henna brows can be applied to anyone but will fade faster on those with oily skin. The length of time the tint stays on the skin is also dependent on your daily skincare routine.

  • I have had reactions to tints in the past is brow henna an option for me?

    If you have been sensitive in the past to other tints it is likely that that you may be sensitive to brow henna as well. Please inform Katie of any sensitivities so that a patch test can be performed. Even if the patch test is successful we can not guarantee you will not have a reaction.

  • Is Henna 100% natural?

    No. The henna used on your brows is 88% natural. Without the chemical component, the henna would not last long on the skin or would have to stay on for hours. 

  • What is Henna?

    The Latin name for henna is Lawsonia Inermis. It is a kind of bush that grows in the north of Africa, the Middle East, and India. Crushed into powder it is used to decorate the skin. The Henna used on your brows is a mixture of 88% natural henna and 12% chemical.