June is Acne Awareness Month

Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 12:20pm

First, let’s bury the myths of what acne is not:

  • It is not due to dirty skin.
  • It is not due to eating chocolate.
  • It is not due to sexual frustrations.
  • It is not just a teenage problem.


Based on the research of Dr. James Fulton and Dr. Albert Kligman, acne is an inherited disorder in which there’s too many dead skin cells that are shedding inside the pore at the same time. Acne is not a bacteria problem. Bacteria is a symptom of these dead skin cells building up inside the pore and blocking the pore. It’s the dead skin cells that you need to control.

Normal pores shed about one layer of skin cells a day. Acne prone skin can shed up to five times that amount. The build up of dead skin cells, called “hyperkeratosis” leads to plugs within the pore or “microcomedones.” Clogged pores create the perfect anaerobic environment for the P. Acnes bacteria. This bacteria feeds on the oil from your skin and proliferates. It’s important to note that OIL is not the cause of acne; it’s just one thing that contributes to the problem.

Because acne is a DEAD SKIN CELL PROBLEM and starts with the formation of microcomedones deep inside pores, it is crucial to use products that are able to penetrate the pores to kill bacteria and expel excess dead cells. My acne products do just that!

Medical Esthetics by Katie’s Acne Program is designed to treat all types of acne grades 1- 4 (mild to severe non-inflamed, inflamed, cystic acne, hormonal acne, acne rosacea, teen acne, mature or adult acne and back acne) without the use of prescription drugs.  I use MBK Acne Management Clinical Solutions which is a tried and true system of the best anti-acne products and treatments. I customized an effective clear skin plan just for you.

There are many factors contributing to acne. Many of my clients are told by their doctor that their acne is hormonal, and that there was nothing they could do. They are often prescribed strong medications with severe side effects that often do not work or offer temporary relief. 

Medical Esthetics by Katie’s clinical acne treatments (Acne Program, LED Light Therapy, Elapromed)bring you closer to clear skin as soon as possible without the dangerous side effects. These treatments gently send the effective ingredients inside the pore to kill bacteria and exfoliate where it’s needed most, helping to lighten dark spots along the way.  Your prescribed home care products will work more efficiently if you’re also getting clinical acne treatments and vice versa.  

Clinical skin care products are a very important treatment component. But they MUST be the right products and be used the right way. I manage your regimen so you have the most effective home treatment, while avoiding redness or over-drying. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Your home care is the workhorse of your acne program and will require some modifications and monitoring. 

Medical Esthetics by Katie offers a comprehensive, safe and effective acne and problematic skin program designed to treat acne without the use of prescription drugs. My acne management plan is highly successful with a clearing rate of 98%. On average, clients devoted to the acne program have their acne under control, and are significantly to completely clear within 12 to 16 weeks. At times, results are achieved as soon as eight to ten weeks with noticeable improvement after two to three treatments.






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