Top Beauty and Fashion Trends to Spice up Your Fall

Saturday, November 14, 2015 - 4:28am

When the weather cools down you’re probably tempted to warm up your appearance, but changing your style and skincare rules also enables you to look your best in spite of the weather. Not sure where to start? Here are some of the hottest trends.


  • Make a Comeback in Red

After the last few seasons of nude glamour, it’s refreshing to bring spicy red shades of lipstick back into the picture. Red is an instant face warmer: it can punch up your neutral makeup in a flash, giving your look character and boldness. Don’t be shy about adding berry colours to your reds for a slightly darker look, as seen by Marchesa on the runways.

  • Dust on Your Blush

If you’re not keen on contouring or maybe feel that you never get it done correctly, you’re in luck: this fall, wearing blush is about copying the natural blush that gives you a rosy appearance after you’ve been in the cold. You want blush colours that are gentle pinks or corals, without anything too bold or obvious. They should be applied with a powder brush over your cheeks and across the angled line of your cheekbones so that the result is a natural glow.

  • Brighten Your Eyes with Metals

Give your regular black smoky eye a bit of glamour and colour with shades of bronze, gold and silver. A simple dash of these metallic shades in the corner of your eyes and on the lower lash line is an instant makeover. You could even skip the black eye shadow altogether and simply play around with shades of brown, golds and bronze for a warmer appearance that you can rock day or night.

  • Get Healthy, Fresh Skin

Although the cool months might make your skin dry or irritated, you shouldn’t feel stuck with it. A big skincare trend this fall (and year) is to flaunt gorgeous, glowing skin. Makeup tips can help you achieve this, such as by applying highlighter to areas on your face that naturally collect the light - the bridge of your nose, the highest point of your cheekbones, and your jawline - but you want to achieve fresh skin at the base level.

You should keep your skin hydrated with quality moisturizers that contain nourishing ingredients, such as botanical oils. Focus on correcting skin issues like blotchiness and dullness during the fall, such as by using a gentle exfoliant to repair your skin and make it glow naturally. Skincare has become about working on making your skin as healthy as it can be, which naturally increases its gorgeous appeal.

  • Be Bold in Brooches

Although you might feel brooches are best left to your grandmother’s jewelry collection, this year sees them making a big comeback. Part of the reason could be because there are are many capes and large collars being seen on the fashion runways. Get creative with your brooches by choosing large, interestingly-shaped ones and pinning them on various items, such as your sleeves, lapels or the spot on your jersey where a necklace would hang. This gives your fall wardrobe something a little different.

  • Sparkle in Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are elegant, sophisticated and individualistic. They portray strength while making a unique statement. Some brides even choose to wear black diamonds on their engagement rings, which is a bold but gorgeous choice. Black diamonds are a great way to explore darker tones of jewelry in the colder months and they’re quite versatile. You can team them up with trendy clothing items, such as leather or suede, or contrast them with feminine touches of floral and pearls for an eye-catching outfit.

  • Bring Back Pearls

Another piece of jewelry making a comeback is the pearl. Whether it’s in your earrings, necklaces or cuffs, pearls are no longer just elegant - they have become artistic pieces. An example is the twisted pearl necklace seen on the Stella McCartney fall runway. So when choosing to wear pearls, don’t be afraid to opt for edgier, creative pieces to make a stylish statement.


Stay ahead of the pack with trendy beauty and fashion trends this fall so you’ll create heat everywhere you go. 


Writen and Contributed by Gwen Lewis

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