Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal


Proven to be safer for the skin than laser-that's why we choose IPL as the preferred method of hair reduction. Medical Esthetics by Katie's New Westminster Clinic's IPL offers a medical grade, gentle, non-invasive, long-lasting solution for unwanted hair. IPL has been performed safely for many years, effectively eliminating dozens of hairs with each pulse. Medical Esthetics by Katie has won multiple awards for Best in Service Laser Hair Removal in New Westminster.


IPL / Laser Hair Removal by Palomar StarLux 500 is the most powerful, highest quality, medical grade system available in the world. Palomar (USA) was the first light-based technology company to receive FDA and Health Canada clearance for Permanent Hair Reduction. Since then, the company has continued to develop more powerful and effective technology to achieve the quickest possible hair clearance.  

Medical Esthetics by Katie began using Laser Hair Removal Systems by Palomar since 2011 and has won numerous Best in Service Laser Hair Removal Awards from both the Royal City Record and New Westminster News Leader newspapers since 2012.

Why Palomar Starlux 500? 

  • Proven to be Less Painful that Laser and Safer for the Skin
  • Intense Pulsed Light 
  • Fast & Effective 
  • Medical Grade  
  • Long Term Results 
  • Inbuilt cooling device for client comfort and safety 
  • Most affordable pricing available   


Unlike shaving that lasts a couple of days, or waxing which lasts a couple of weeks and can often result in painful ingrown hairs, or even ongoing painfully tedious electrolysis. IPL/Laser hair removal offers a permanent hair reduction solution in a few treatments with minimal discomfort to permanently minimise hair growth.

What's so GREAT about Palomar's StarLux 500?

The StarLux 500 laser and IPL system is clinically proven to produce results as good as or better than single-procedure lasers with less client pain. The high-powered StarLux 500 provides the most-requested aesthetic treatments, with Palomar's many patented innovations:

  • High Power: 70% more power, with unmatched speed and efficacy: more clients, fewer treatments 
  • AccuSpectrum: Dual filters minimize unnecessary epidermal exposure, enhancing client comfort 
  • Advanced Contact Cooling: Adjustable cooling technology keeps epidermal temperature lower to reduce treatment discomfort and minimize skin damage 
  • Smooth Pulse: Proprietary light delivery system that allows for the usage of greater amounts of light energy



Laser Hair Removal Consultation

Medical Esthetics by Katie’s Laser Hair Removal Consultations are very important to help you understand the laser hair removal process. The consultation gives me the opportunity to get to know you and understand your needs as a patient. 

I feel it is important to allow each patient the opportunity to gather the information they need and make that decision in their own time. At this time I will assess your skin and hair, giving you a realistic expectation of your outcome with laser hair removal. Without a proper Consultation from Medical Esthetics by Katie you will not be getting any treatments.


*Note: There are certain physical characteristics that make some people better candidates for laser hair removal than others. Specifically, we look at your skin tone and hair colour. If you have grey, blonde or red hair, laser will not be nearly as affective, because the laser picks up the contrast between the hair follicle and the skin pigment. With blonde and red hair, the hair to skin pigmentation difference is much less.




Combos: Per Session

  • Upper Lip & Chin - $99
  • Ladies Bikini & Underarms - $155
  • Ladies French & Underarms - $165
  • Ladies Brazilian & Underarms - $175
  • Chest & Abs - $275
  • Full Back & Shoulders - $299
  • Half Back & Shoulders - $239
  • Hands & Fingers - $89
  • Toes & Feet - $75 



Face: Per Session

  • Ears or Forehead - $59
  • Front or Back of Neck - $89
  • Full Face Female - $139
  • Sideburns or Cheeks - $59
  • Upper Lip or Chin - $59



Upper Body: Per Session

  • Areola - $59
  • Underarms - $75
  • Upper or Lower Arms - $139
  • Chest - $199
  • Full Abs - $180
  • Shoulders - $125
  • Upper or Lower Back - $169
  • Full Back - $279
  • Hands - $124



Lower Body: Per Session

  • Linea - $65
  • Ladies Bikini - $99
  • Ladies French Bikini - $125
  • Ladies Brazilian - $135
  • Buttocks - $125
  • Back of Thighs - $120
  • Inner or Outer Thigh - $129
  • Lower Legs w/knee - $199
  • Upper Legs w/knee - $199
  • Full Legs - $399


What are the Laser IPL Hair Removal Benefits?

  • IPL/Laser removal provides permanent hair reduction in unwanted facial and body hair for those who suffer excessive hair growth or just desire smooth skin.
  • Aids in the reduction of unsightly and painful ingrowing hairs. IPL/Laser can remove long term ingrown hairs caused from waxing or shaving, and prevent new ingrown hairs from appearing.
  • There is little ongoing hair maintenance. As hair reduces, maintenance treatments as required are all that’s needed.
  • There are ongoing savings. For most people after initial treatments, little or no further investment is required. Making this treatment option more cost effective than waxing in the long run.


What is the Outcome?

There are so many variables to be considered such as skin colour, hair thickness, hair colour, age, hormonal issues, medications, sun exposure and lifestyle to name but a few. These variables need to be taken into account as the success of laser hair removal will differ for each individual. Permanent hair reduction, performed by a highly trained and skilled Medical Esthetician utilising the latest and most appropriate medical grade IPL/Laser for your specific skin and hair type and can be expected after completion of a series of treatments over approximately a 12 month period at 4-6 weeks apart. 

Before treatment, you’ll be required to shave the treatment area. Once the area has been treated, you should find the hair grows at a slower rate and are much finer. The time between each treatment is extended as you get further along with your treatment course and hair growth generally slows even more.

In-between visits, you can shave the treated area at any time if desired - so there’ll be no unwanted hair.


Laser Hair Removal at Medical Esthetics by Katie

Why Choose Medical Esthetics by Katie?

  • Known for her many amazing award winning and results driven Medi-Facials and Laser treatments
  • Demonstrates the value of integrity, honesty, proactivity, responsiveness and kindness to all her clients
  • Offers the best value to clients - VIP Monthly Facial Club
  • Committed to ongoing professional development, research and technology, ensure you receive the best results
  • Create a Customized Treatment plan and home care regime that will help you achieve your skin care goals


  • What should I do before the procedure?

    You must thoroughly shave your hair preferably the same day of the procedure. Avoid indoor or outdoor tanning and use of self tanning products for approximately four weeks. Do not wax, tweeze dye hair or have electrolysis two weeks prior to the procedure. Avoid skin care products with irritants such as Glycolic Acid or Retin-A in the procedure area for about a week.

  • Can I laser when I'm pregnant?

    It is my policy to not do any laser treatments on anyone who is pregnant. I will be happy to wax you as a temporary solution during your pregnancy.

  • Does IPL work on dark skin?

    Because IPL laser hair removal focuses on the melanin, it may either be ineffective or pose risk in areas with little contrast between skin and hair color. A test patch can help me decide if an area may be suitable for IPL treatment. Some people with darker skin tones find that they can safely get IPL laser treatment in some areas, but may need to do waxing, threading or depilatory products in other areas. 

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